For over ten years DERMOAROMA has become known in the  world and estimated for the focus turned to constant research and development, able to assert itself in the  Italian  and  International  Medical Aesthetics market,  with  specific  products  in  the  field  of  regenerative  medicine. Basing its activities on the developed technologies, the company was able to make distribution  agreements with exclusive partners for the commercialization of bio‐technology of the latest generation, or  kit devoted to the preparation of platelet‐rich plasma (PRP). 
In  this  particular  field  Dermoaroma takes  the  opportunity  of  a  market  for  the  highest  level  both  medically  and  in  terms of commercial potential and future developments, as the products from the cells are now the highest  forefront of science and bio‐technology . 
Through  the  high  capacity,  high  technical  expertise,  reliability  and  ethical  vision  of  the  business,  Dermoaroma proves  to  have  a  strong  base  on  which  to  build  a  qualitative  and  concrete  offer.  Thanks  to  the  synergy  and  experience  of  professional  people,  significant  results  have  got  through  collaboration  with  the  medical  profession,  working  with  major  Italian  universities,  and  promoting  studies  and constant analysis on samples of their products to test and certify their validity. 
Our mission is to develop advanced chemical research to provide reliable solutions, ready to use, fast and  effective  in  the  field  of  regenerative  medicine,  of  high‐level,  offering  the  most  modern  and  delicate  equipment  for  the  production  of  PRP .